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Visual impairment area includes millions of people. According to the WHO in 2010, 285 million people were estimated to be visually impaired around the world. Only in Latin America they were almost 30 million. Particularly in my country , Argentina, there are 800,000 people affected .

This disability includes people who have lost all or nearly all the sense of sight and have no pharmaceutical or surgical options to restore their sight.


Let´s imagine sth.

Just imagine that you have only a small part of your vision and with that condition you have to go to work or study. Imagine that you are not able to see the faces or pictures of you family.

Imagine that your vision is so narrow that you cannot see properly the obstacles in your way or the cars while walking across the street.

But the worst thing....imagine that there is no device, no product or visual aid that can help you with all the activities that you have lost because of the vision loss...

Imagine then, the possibilities that you could have and your quality of life with this condition.


Nowadays , the products normally used by these people to make their activities easier are very basic. New technologies are applied poorly so their performance is limited. The commercially avialable products go from basic devices like the cane to sophisticated telescopes and certain electronic devices to read or write. The problem is that these products do not contribute significantly to their needs.


SpectralTec project develops a device with unique features for visual impairment, applying rehabilitation and bioengineering techniques with electronics and information technology. The idea behind this is to maximize the useful vision of a person with partial loss of sight and also apply sensory substitution systems for those who are blind.


Our experience shows that with this solution these people can do a lot of activites that they were not able to perform, even with sophisticated devices.

Better tools or better aids mean to these people, more accesibility, a better job, education, recreation so then better quality of life and less poverty.